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Posted by on Nov 23, 2020 in My Poetry 1962-1974, Songs from my Salad Years | 0 comments

Memories of May

ByBryan Sanctuary 1967 Sometimes the days are carefree      When springtime fills the air,And time stands still in blue and green      While dappled shades dance everywhereTo liven up the scene. Silent boats slip slowly by      Across the hazy blue,As yellow sand wash softly flat      And clear away the clueWhere two young people sat. In the timeless flood and ebb,      That leave the two unheeded,A silent word, a lingered stare      Is all the heart had needed,To seal the memory...

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Posted by on Nov 12, 2020 in My Poetry 1962-1974 | 0 comments

My Poetry 1962-1974

I started writing poetry when I attended Delbrook High School in North Vancouver in 1962-3. My English-40 teachers, whose name I cannot recall, encouraged it. At the same time, I frequented the Inquisition Coffee House on Seymour Street in Vancouver, B.C. and run by Howie Bateman. There I met a poet, whose name has gone too, and he was a great motivator. He read my poems and commented. He wrote the following: “One day I will take my cobwebs down and have them drycleaned” There is a section with some of my HS poems, immature of course, but clearly, I am trying out styles and learning from Romantic lyricists, E. E. Cummings, Robert Service, and others. I wrote three poems while I was working in a logging camp for summer jobs in 1963-4. I wrote only a few poems from ’65 to 71, when I got my PhD. I will also give two poems by my friend called Nela. I recall her last name as Leya, but it could...

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