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By Bryan Sanctuary October 1967   Have you felt the softness,    And touched it with your lips? Have you seen the blackness,  Slip through your fingertips? Have you seen the morning dew    In the corner of a flower? And have you felt a filling warmth    In any special hour?   I felt the softest touch indeed    When I kissed your sanguine lips. I felt your lovely raven hair    Run through my fingertips. I saw a tear within your eye    One very special hour, When we first knew our love was pure.    And I gave you a single...

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K. Filtering the 2D spin-cannot filter coherences

In the treatment here it is believed that before entering the field, the spin is a free particle and displays the √2 states. It is this spin that starts off in the superposed states of the two orthogonal axes, that depend upon the LHV, |±,r=q,f>n1=±1. Note here there are four pure states: two associated with n1=+1 and two with n1=-1, which cannot be simultaneously measured. We measure either n1=+1 states or n1=-1, but not both simultaneously. Half are averaged away when measured.

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J. Heisenberg Uncertainty and the 2D spin

Space is now no longer isotropic in the presence of a measuring probe, and so the √2 spin cannot form, nor can the mirror states. Since the spin is oriented some way, one axis is going to be closer to the applied field than the other. That one lines up while the other axis spins in the plane perpendicular to the applied field,

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I. What does a Singlet State look like?

When I was a graduate student, and studying quantum mechanics, I came across a statement by Heisenberg which impressed me.  We have no trouble visualizing the macroscopic world.  It is our common environment and when someone throws a ball to you, you need no Newtonian mechanics to catch it.  If you had to catch an electron, well you have no idea without some help.  That is because an electron is part of the microscopic world, which is impossible for us to visualize without knowing the equations.  This is where Heisenberg came in and said that the only way we can actually visualize the microscopic world is through understanding the equations. It is through the equations, and only the equations, that we can form a mental picture of microscopic processes.  Such mental images are very useful. As Heisenberg said, we develop “visualizability” of the microscopic world through following the logic of nature which for us is mathematics. The usual singlet state In blog H. of this series, I used the...

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Posted by on Feb 13, 2015 in Quantum Mechanics Research | 3 comments

G. Structured Spin

The new algebra has two time variables and two spatial variables. The spatial variables give the 2D Dirac equation and finds the new spin operators as Lorentz Invariants. Besides the usual linear time, the new time is quite different, being a rotational or phase time. Since spin now has structure, it can precess relative to spins in different inertial frames. Hence it plays the same role for angular momentum that linear time plays for linear momentum.

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