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Posted by on Jun 16, 2010 in Early blogs | 0 comments

007 Anomalies in coincidence probabilities in EPR data

A sub-quantum theory is presented which accounts for the EPR correlations with a product state with no entanglement and no nonlocality. In addition the anomalies found in EPR data of Gregor Weihs and as analyzed by Adenier and Khrennikov, are explained by the product states of the bi-particles getting out of sync as they separate. The sub-quantum theory treats the ontic particles that form the ensembles or the quantum states. Whereas quantum states are hermitian, the sub-quantum spin state is fundamentally non-hermitian.

A spin is found to have a two dimensional structure rather than the point particle of quantum mechanics and in the absence of a probe, a spin is in a state of zero angular momentum.

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