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Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in EPR paradox | 5 comments

Quantum Archives censorship: & more about Computer Simulation

Nonetheless, the Moderators (of ArXiv) blacklisted me in 2009, denying me the exposure that others have, and for unknown reasons too. When I asked for the reasons, I get a note with no name, other than signed by “the Moderators” stating that in order to find out why they blacklisted me, I should submit the paper for publication.

By the way, most of the papers on the archives never get published.

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Posted by on May 14, 2013 in EPR paradox | 1 comment

A Local Realistic Reconciliation of the EPR Paradox – Simulation

Computer simulations of experimental data provide a way of testing models and theories. For example in classical statistical mechanics various simulations are done by starting with a collision model between particles, and then running computer simulations until the system becomes statistical under various approximations. The results from the simulation of properties are compared to the known experimental values.

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A Local Realistic Reconciliation of the EPR Paradox – Some consequences

1. The following is a research lecture given on January 22nd, 2013 at McGill Chemistry: Part 1: Introduction and the Statistical Ensemble Interpretation of quantum mechanics Part 2: The EPR paradox and problems with quantum mechanics Part 3: Measurement and EPR experiments Part 4: Entanglement and Non-locality Part 5: The Two Dimensional spin model Part 6: Corroboration and summary Part 7: Questions 2. Some discussions of the spin model: A Local Realistic Reconciliation of the EPR Paradox CHSH: there lies a vector of length √2  Consistency of Bell’s (CHSH) Inequalities and two dimensional spin The invisible side of quantum spin When quantum mechanics fails in EPR experiments Spin and Quantum Computers Quantum Coherence – now Nature hides stuff from us 3. Further discussion and relationship to Joy Christian’s Clifford Algebra approach: The Bloch Sphere and Spin in Quantum Mechanics Disproof of Bell’s Theorem   The Sub-quantum spin  Two Dimensional spin model: Great simulation of the Stern-Gerlach experiment at Contrast quantum ensemble (the statistical quantum state) with single particle of...

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